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Do you feel like being generous this Halloween and plans on giving Halloween gift Baskets to friends in Israel? There are a lot of reasons for my friend to be generous in all kinds of holidays, not just Birthdays and Christmas. And you may also feel like Santa on Halloween! Yes, folks, you heard that right, on Halloween, and you can even be generous in your friends in Israel because they too celebrate this season. Don’t believe me? How about let’s take a closer look at Halloween’s history on Israel?


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How did it all begin?


Halloween was initially a pagan holiday in Ireland, widely known as the Celtic Festival of Samhain at that time. People have been celebrating it on October 31st. When Irish Catholics brought the celebration of Halloween to the United States, and it started to become popular. Because of the influences brought by American communist’s native American culture. As the years passed by, the Samhain Festival of Irish evolved into a more festive celebration of Halloween. This season is also the harvest celebration in America. In Israel however, Halloween season was the time when Gentiles tormented the Jews. And being a Jewish country this season was remembered as such a painful memory.



Halloween Today


Today in US people still celebrates Halloween as the time of fun yet spooky festivity. People from most countries also celebrate this holiday. In the US, Halloween is more popular among children and young adults. They partook in yearly trick-or-treat activities in neighborhoods and Halloween night block parties.


However, Israelis, which population’s majority are Jews, they do not embrace and celebrate Halloween. But some less observant Jews individuals and families partook on Halloween celebration.


But wait there’s more! Jewish people in Israel also have some Halloween-like celebration - Purim holiday. Instead of celebrating it on October 31st or November 1st, they celebrate it on the 14th day of Adar, which usually falls in March. This Jews holiday doesn’t equate to Halloween, but it is how they celebrate the holiday. With all of exchanging treats and knocking on the neighborhood, that the holiday can be compared to Halloween.

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On the day of Purim holiday, children dress up into costumes they like, and they exchange gifts and treats. Moreover, children on this day also go around the houses to visit the ill and the aged to bring food and drinks as a gift. They collect money among rich neighbors for them to give to the people who need the help.



Santa on Halloween!


Not only does Americans enjoy Halloween. This season is also widely known and recognized by many countries in their way. So if you like to become the Santa Claus instead of the Scrooge this Halloween, and you plan on being generous on giving Halloween gifts to your friends in Israel, then keep reading because we’re to help every step of the way! But before you jump into any decision make sure to answer these questions to formulate a great plan that would make your Israeli friends happy.


  •    Are my friend in Israel celebrates and commemorates Halloween just like in most countries?
  •    Would it be rude or would it be a great idea to give Halloween gifts to my friends in Israel?
  •    How much does giving gifts to Israel would cost?
  •    What are my best options to give gifts to my friends in Israel?



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Step 1: Selecting the Proper Gift!


Choosing Halloween gift baskets In Israel for you to give to your friends is no easy thing. But one thing you need to make sure is that your friend must be Christian or have American blood or culture for you to give Halloween gift baskets in Israel this year. Let say that faith doesn’t like you because your friends in Israel are Jews. Then it is very wise that you give a gift as a celebration gift on their Purim holiday.


The reason for this is because that Halloween for observant Jews have a pagan concept which is a forbidden concept for Jewish people to embrace. This way, not your friend would appreciate that you are respecting their religious tradition. He or she would also adore you because of your gift! However, if you think that your friend is a non-observant Jews (and you should be 200% sure about this) then go ahead and give a gift during Halloween that you think they would appreciate!



For Christians and Americans who reside in Israel


The first step in choosing a great gift this year is to identify the budget. The budget, you have to cover the whole expenses including taxes and fees. It is a wise decision that your friend would receive Halloween gift baskets in Israel from that is something that resembles the festivity and makes the recipient appreciate the season.


Secondly, choose gifts that are popular this year. Candies, sweets, and chocolate would be greatly enjoyed by young children and young at heart. For young adults and adults gift baskets include snacks and sweets, and liquor or champagne!


Planning to be spontaneous this Halloween? Why not combine all these gifts and put it in Halloween gift baskets in Israel. And sure enough, your friend would greatly appreciate the Halloween gift baskets in Israel you gifted not just for him or her but the whole family! As for your non-observant Jewish friend, you can also adopt the idea of giving gifts on Halloween with Halloween concept. Make sure that your gift or gift basket is stamped with Kosher certification.


This way your non-observant Jewish friend would appreciate that you show respect to his/her religion. Moreover, being careful with the gift selection. Make sure that the products in the gift baskets are stamped with Kosher certification seal would also be a wise move.


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Step 2: The Sending of the Gifts!


Planning to buy and send gifts through international middleman website to Israel? That’s okay. But put into consideration that the cost for giving gifts this way would cost you more with the shipping solutions that they provide than the cost value your gift has.


Secondly, another disadvantage that you want to avoid is that the receiver of your present would pay the tax fee and the duty fee. Middleman website uses air freight service to send the gifts that you bought from them to Israel. Another thing that you want to know is that international middleman gift company website is not the one who create and prepare the gift itself.


These sites take the orders of the customers. Buy the gifts from another gift provider company, and sell the gifts with the added cost to the original price. Meaning to say that when you buy gifts from middleman gift websites, you pay an extra 10-%30% of a price difference than opting to gift company providers. Kind of like a reseller of someone's product, the better way for you is to buy gifts to gift company providers. That aren’t reselling gift products from another website.


By choosing an Israeli gift company, the recipient will not pay tax. Since they use local Israel freight to send gifts that you ordered from them, the receiver would no longer have to pay for the tax and the duty fee.


Another advantage of opting for Israeli gift company is that it takes only a few days for your present to arrive. They also put Kosher certification on their product to ensure product quality and culture sensitivity on their clients.


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Bonus Step: Knowing Some Tips!


Are you planning to be the great Santa for many people in Israel this Halloween? Our tricks will help you in saving more money. Notifying your chosen gift company that you want to buy wholesale gifts on their offered gifts can give you more discount than any other. The reason for this is because they would give you a quantity discount since this is also their way of appreciating your trust in them.


Another thing to put on your list is that if you are planning to give a large number of Halloween gift baskets in Israel. Make sure to order a month before the pick seasons start. Buying wholesale gifts on last minute would make the gift company have difficulties in covering the orders. They have almost empty stocks; thus they would increase the price during pick season. Lastly, paying cash through bank transfer than paying through credit card is another excellent way to save more. Because you would no longer have to pay for the interest.



The Best Option


Walwater Gifts uses products that are included in gift baskets. These products are standardized by the highest quality. And they also ensure that gift baskets are sent with Kosher certification to ensure cultural sensitivity. Walwater gifts design the Halloween gift baskets in Israel by hand meticulously. Detailed oriented quality, and respectfully not only in Israel but also to over 26 European countries.


The great thing about Walwater is that they send gifts from adorable Halloween gift baskets in Israel to even Jewish holiday such as Purim in the most considerate price!


Moreover, the company has an excellent reputation for having world-class quality customer service. And trusted by prominent companies in not only in Israel but also in Europe. Both individual and corporate customers have become avid customers of the company since 2006. Walwater Gifts company grows every year. Because of their dedicated effort in making their customers happy with their high-quality standard, excellent service, and considerate prices.


Contact Walwater Gifts today and experience it for yourself the excellence we offer!


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