Why Sending Condolences Basket in Israel ?


When it’s hard to say the right thing at the right time , sympathy words are not the only way to express your condolences. As its customary NOT  to send flowers to mourning family in Israel, because flowers die ,Walwater Gifts help you express your sympathy with a Condolences gift basket In Israel .

Regardless the religion , Jewish , Christian, Muslim , the Condolences gift baskets In Israel , are include a wide selection of comfort foods, ranging from tea, coffees , salty & sweet cookies, suitable for a grieving family or memorial gesture from you as a sender. To each Condolences gift basket In Israel , you can add a sympathy card as you express the grieving family that you are thinking of them at this sad time in their life.


As we have all lost someone important  to us during our lives, In Walwater Gifts  we do understand , how hard sad time someone can be feel, we allow you making sure that even if you are far away from them ,  distance is not such a big factor ,as our  Condolences gift baskets In Israel show your comfort and support, as you remember the person who pass away , provide a small gesture in been there for them .


Walwater Gifts will be there for you during this grief period ,however we will be delighted to stand for your service also during other happy occasions

Condolences Basket in Israel


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