What is Shiva Basket ?


The word “Shiva” comes from the word in Hebrew '' Sheva '' , which mean the number 7 (seven) .

Shiva represent the seven days mourning period ,as mourners are supposed to sit low to the ground during the week mourning period.

During Shiva, People who knows the family of the person who died, express their support , regardless if they knew the person who died or not.

Its very often that the Shiva is held in the family home , either the close family or the deceased home itself.

Despite the family announce where the Shiva will be held, it’s best to check with friends or family members if the family hoping to grieve privately or they accepting people during Shiva .

People see it as high priority make an effort to visit the family during Shiva week .



Why Sending Shiva Basket in Israel ?


In Jewish tradition , family/friends and even some municipalities , helps the mourning family by bringing them food , meals , chairs , tables and more during week Shiva.

Since its customary NOT  to bring flowers to a Shiva, because flowers die , there for , its very often that friends send a card together with Shiva basket In Israel .

This is where the Shiva Basket tradition started ..... as the Shiva Basket is a custom that came from the Jewish people in the USA , as distance is a major fact , as slowly start been implement in Israel as well.

The main idea behind those Shiva Gift Baskets in Israel  , is to show support , remember the person who pass away , provide a small gesture as during Shiva , many people visit the place the Shiva is been held, so its in the Jewish custom to offer the visitors, hot drinks , some treats etc.

Walwater Gifts , is offering Shiva baskets delivered in Israel , as we can attached a personal message to the Shiva Basket in Israel that you wish to send to your recipient .

As the a Jewish traditional message that been said to for mourners: in English, “May God comfort you with the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.”


in Hebrew,

המקום ינחם אתכם בתוך שאר אבלי ציון וירושלים

“Hamakom yenachem etchem b’toch she’ar avlei tzion ve’yerushaluyim”



Walwater Gifts will be there for you during this grief period ,however we will be more delighted to stand for your service during happier occasions



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