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How to pick up a Passover Gift in Israel ?

With Walwater Gifts , you may order Passover Gift Baskets In Israel  , either you’ll host Passover at your home OR either you will be invited to Passover at family or friends place .

The main guidelines for Passover require that all food products eaten during the holiday don’t contain a single fermented products crumb , as its forbidden to use products which are not  "kosher for Pesach.

All Walwater Gifts  Passover Gift Baskets Delivered in Israel  include  kosher for Pesach chocolates, kosher for Pesach milk products, kosher for Pesach candies , kosher for Pesach Wines, and others.  Walwater Gifts also contain Mazzot and nuts to prepare cakes, cookies, which you may send your friends kosher for Passover gift baskets in Israel .


Why Use Walwater Gifts In Israel ?

Walwater Gifts Passover gift baskets are made by us, that mean you have NO MIDDLEMEN FEE ( !! ) , as we make amazing passover gifts to your employers, Friends, neighbors, co-workers,  extended family members ,etc.

All our Passover gift baskets in Israel and Passover gift sets in Israel are beautifully and carefully packaged in a wide range of containers such as wooden treasure boxes. Wicker baskets, Platters, Trays and more,  as the recipients will be able to reuse our containers in the future , thinking about your gift you sent them before.


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Kosher Passover Gift Baskets Delivered in Israel


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