Christmas Gift Baskets to Israel


Shipping Christmas Gift baskets to Israel, Is that possible?



As we all know, Israel is a multi-religious country. As Jews, Muslims, Christians and a few others are living together in such as small country.


So is it has any interest for delivering Christmas Gift Baskets to Israel?


Well, the fair answer is, yes and no!


If you are looking for both population and size aspects, Israel which is as the same size as New Jersey, do enjoy December full with joy. The reason is that beside Christmas season holiday period for Christians, In Israel and abroad, the Jewish people are celebrating Chanukah.


That’s why our Christmas gift baskets to Israel could also be a good idea for both holidays. Such as Christmas and Chanukah, just with different elements. Unlike the international holiday’s season in other countries across the world, Israel was (and still is) always paying attention to the religious freedom.


Chocolate Gift Baskets in Israel are even considering one of the most favorite gifts to send before the holidays. Gift hampers are very often contained kosher sweets, chocolates, candies, snacks, alcohol products and more.


We can deliver both Christmas presents and Chanukah Gifts to an individual or corporate recipients. If you are interested in sending cool Christmas gift baskets to Israel, we are here.


We will be happy to explain any sender who decides to express their thanks or appreciations to partners or friends or family members in Israel. So let’s start, ok?


Christmas Gifts In Israel 


Here are few things to know before when considering sending any gift item for someone in Israel.




Sending Gifts to Israel from abroad:


Is it possible to be taxed on gifts coming from overseas?


The answer is yes...


For gifts which are coming to Israel from abroad, either by the National Post Or by any other courier company, such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, and more. The recipient will need to report it to fill up files, and most probably, even might apply for an additional customs fee.


When people are interested in sending gifts from abroad to another country, gifts which include alcohol, chocolate, candies, snacks and more, we always recommend using a local vendor, in shipping gift basket from the same location, same goes for Israel.


Besides the fact that it will be both ridiculous and ironic, to force the recipient paying tax for a gift he supposed to enjoy, also the shipping costs could be even higher than the present that the sender is interested sending to Israel.


That’s why, we highly recommend senders, to avoid sending any gift that contains food and alcohol from abroad to Israel, especially while most trademarks are already sold in Israel and Israeli gift provider could be quickly sent a nicely wrapped gift to be delivered nationally.




Is the Recipient Christian or Jewish?


Since December have its unique atmosphere also in Israel, Jews and Christians are already familiar with the “gift tradition” during that month.


Nevertheless, it would be very wise to know if the recipient celebrates Christmas or Hanukkah. The sender should take into consideration, to match the right gift according to the holiday the recipient would celebrate.


When you are placing an order with a local vendor, the gift provider in most cases could indicate if the gift is appropriate according to the recipient the last name.


In Israel, not always, the gift supplier can tells, if the Christmas gift baskets to Israel goes to people who might be offended by receiving a Christian Gift.


The majority of Jewish people may like the Christmas gifts to Israel as they enjoy the Christmas decoration, the colors, and of course the food and alcohol that attach to the present. Only a few might be offended in getting Christmas gifts.



Israel Holiday Gift Ideas


Same as in other significant events, many people find themselves struggling with finding the best Christmas ideas for the holidays. Picking up a gift idea for such a big holiday as Christmas or Hanukkah, not always easy, especially when you try to coordinate between religions, colors, budget, recipient, culture and more.


Since the gifts variety is significantly large. Not always people know how to find the best Christmas present ideas, same as for other occasions.


That why here we can also provide you with a few Christmas food gifts options. To make your choice to be more comfortable, are you getting advice from the company you have a lot of experience in sending Christmas gift hampers across Israel.


As you know, In Israel most of the food gift baskets contain kosher certificates for Jews. Knowing if the person is orthodox or religious, could save many issues in the future. If the sender does not know, some providers can assist the sender in getting more perspective about the recipient.


During the next chapters, we will focus more on Christmas gifts and Christmas gift sets. We can easily change gifts elements can be and convert to a gift basket for Hanukkah instead of Christmas.


 christmas gift baskets to israel


Family Christmas Gifts in Israel



Many people traveling during Christmas and bring gifts to the entire family. In most cases, we are collecting the gifts during the year and placed into a Christmas present list. Just before Christmas starts, we will wrap and handily give the items to the recipients.


People place an order for a Christmas gift basket online. And we will deliver gifts by using Courier Company as a sender can still be located abroad. If a sender decides to send Christmas gifts for friends in Israel, in most cases, the Christmas gifts for couples, will big enough the entire family who may share it.


Therefore, if you're looking to send personal Christmas gifts with a name tag to each member. You may request designing a few gifts, and ask to deliver them to the family address. We will wrap all our gifts with Christmas decoration. Of course, we deliver across Israel on time. We will keep Christmas tradition even if the sender is located thousands of miles away from Israel. And he/she is just interested in placing all the gifts under the Christmas tree.




Christmas gifts for women


The saying, “what do woman want?” is always hard to answer, especially when it’s come to sending her gifts. Even before Christmas, when other family members are interested to find a gift to send her.


On top of all the efforts to find a unique, useful gift either to a sister, a mom, a wife, a girlfriend. Or any Christmas present for the extraordinary woman in your life, you need to ask the question “what do women love?”


As we all know women need attention. When you send a woman Christmas gift, remember you must make her feel special.


Unique design Christmas gift could include Spa products chocolate accessories, chocolate truffles designed as flowers and How to make her feel your attention during Christmas time.




Christmas gifts for men


As weird as it sounds, to buy a gift for a man it's not a hard task at all.


When you are sending gifts to Israel, either to a Jewish or Christian male, which could be someone husband, brother, father, far family, a friend or just a business partner.


Chocolate and alcohol could be such a classic gift which as long the appropriately gift-wrapped. There is no alcohol restriction. A good whiskey basket, champagne basket or beer basket together with the Christmas or Hanukkah decoration, will make any guy happy.


Any Israeli male or any men who live in Israel will appreciate receiving a gift regardless of the event or holiday.




Where to buy Christmas gift in Israel?



Holidays can be hectic, mainly during December Sales.


In Israel, the busiest holiday seasons in September when people celebrate Jewish New Year, Yom Kippur and Sukkot. Despite celebrating Hanukkah, December is not such a busy month as in the rest of the world.


Buying gifts offline will not be an easy task for any person who is located broadly. That’s why, placing an order online, will be the easiest way to deliver Christmas gift baskets to Israel on time. There are many online shops which provide gift delivery services across Israel.


Walwater Gifts offers an English speaking service, in addition to the Hebrew language. We provide alcohol and Christmas gift delivery to both residential and commercial to their doorstep addresses.


By placing an order in advance, the senders can be sure that Walwater Gifts will reserve the best trademarks and goods before the products will be running out from the shelves. We can also provide corporate gift service; by personalizing the gift with the company brand, logo, and colors.


 christmas gift hampers in israel


Sending Christmas gift baskets to Israel is our specialty.


We design our gifts together with Christmas elements in colors. Attaching greeting message and provide excellent service to individuals, corporate and international companies who have the business partners here in Israel.


We also offer corporate Christmas gift ideas to many Christian organizations. For example in the USA who have their people during the entire year here in Israel. Besides sending corporate Christmas gifts in Israel we also have a European branch. Our European branch covers 27 countries in the European Union. We can serve as a local gift supplier from inside Europe providing great Christmas present ideas and solutions to many international customers.


We are here to help you take away the hassles and efforts. Walwater Gifts are giving our excellent customer service. With just a click away from sending regular and personalized Christmas gifts to your loved ones.


Our Christmas gift selection and ideas helped many people from Israel and abroad. You can find the perfect Christmas present for their needs. We always try our best to complete dropship service in the requested time frame. So our big customer lists grow every year, and all our customers remain loyal to us for many years to come.



We have created a variety of unique Holiday gift baskets to Israel for Christmas 2018, as the minimum order could be just one single gift.


From August until November, we are accepting custom unique Xmas gifts order in Israel. So orders for the Holiday season will be delivered on time. For a special offer, please write us an email. And you can get a Bulk Christmas discount on delivering Christmas gift baskets to Israel.


You are welcome to contact us directly. Knowing that Walwater Gifts consider being one of the efficient corporate gifts companies in Israel you may find.


Please feel free to drop us an email or check the variety by clicking the button below. We are more than sure; you will find the best Christmas gift baskets to Israel this year to send with us.

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