How To Send Corporate Gifts To A Business Partner in Israel?



Sending a corporate gift basket to Israel could be not such an easy task, especially when you need to send some business gift to express your gratitude to an Israeli business colleague or a partner.


When companies consider which corporate gifts ideas should they choose to be delivered in Israel, many times they forget that Israel is slightly different than other countries, despite the company good wishes to maintain a business relationship with the receiver.

Trying to pick up the best corporate gift for their company needs, requires finding the answer to many questions related to the business person that will get the present. Issues such as:


- Is it ethical to send gifts to Jewish partners?

- Is the gift will be useful on a daily base?

- Is there any tax fee?

- Do memorable gift is essential?

- Should we brand the gift?

- Have the company developed any personal relationship with the partner?


In addition to all those questions, there are of course interested in avoiding sending the same gift as previous years, budget limits, relevancy, kosher certificates, other restrictions, gift design, delivery time, and more.


Since we do have the experience and knowledge on how to do it properly, please use our tips to find the right business gift or the perfect corporate gift baskets among various options and providers, that Israel has to offers, as your gift business, should be based on the company needs such as budget, sizes and quality.


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Corporate Gift Ideas in Israel, How to start with that?



We do recommend first, to start your procedure after you verified the budget. It is very wise to check out gift ideas when you know the company annual gift budget for their partners, was already set.

The company financial department together with the sales department, in most cases, determines the budget according to the partner turnover, relevancy, partner position at the firm and more factors that need to be considered based on the established business relationship. From our point of view, the relevancy means, whether the company already reach the maximum revenue potential or during the next year, turnover can get to a higher level.



For many companies, the communication and the business relationship is between few people that hold different positions, so it is very often that people at different departments ( such as finance, sales, marketing, etc.) are collaborating with the various people what hold their position in the other company that they do business with.



Based on that fact, sending few corporate gifts to the same location, it is a widespread issue for many companies and business partners.

However, the gift value might change from one partner to another. As an Example – a company can decide to send the marketing person just a single wine bottle, as the director himself will get substantial fine champagne together with chocolates and other goodies, design as luxury corporate hamper (A Hamper is a British word for a Gift Basket).



Once again, please remember that y checking what is the budget before the procedure starts, the company that decides for sending any corporate gift, will avoid recollecting an official corporate offer for their gift with different needs and price range.


 corporate gift hampers in israel



The Gift Efficiency, what to consider?


By deciding to send corporate presents to any business partners, the primary goal should be first, expressing the business level a partner see with his colleague. For instance, if a company decide to give away a simple plastic pen with their company logo to a very active Israeli partner, who spends millions of dollars with them during the whole year, not only that it might be insulting, but an irreversibly damaged to their business relationship will be unavoidable.



Budget is not the only interest the sending company needs to consider, making their partner feel special is another one. That’s why, it’s essential to pick up an exclusive and relatable gift, may leave a substantial impact on the business partner. As we all know, choosing an expensive gift business, not always do the job, in many cases, sending a useful and significant item will be a better choice as the partner might find it more efficient during the time.



If the sending company pays attention to avoid any situation where their partner will not see the gift as useless, this could help maintaining the business relation better than the partner would pretend to like what he got anyway. Keeping a strong business relationship in the business world may be reflected in the yearly budget, therefore many companies are always searching for unique business gifts to be used during the year.



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Branded Gift and Greeting Card


This is one of the main issues which companies are putting efforts with, as giving away branded gifts to their partners, the sender knows, how important the first impression is. Most companies do consider sending out respectable branded gifts, together with the company colors and logo. By choosing this action, the company understands that their partner will know how the sending company treats her brand. As branded corporate gifts considered having more valued both at the recipient and the sender, the presents are always will stand out more than other gifts which the receiver might get. A branded gift will not only promote the company brand as a unique business gift but also will improve the partner opinions about the business standards and brand strengths. Any branded corporate gift may stay visible to the partner during the year, as the present might also be exposed to other potential customers who can find a mutual interest in the sender service.



The options to brand any gift could be by customizing the hang tags, ribbons, the products with their company name, the package, and more.

The senders also understand that it is very essential to use branded greeting card.

However, if the company decide to send out just small gifts quantity, to personalize the entire gift could be more than their budget, as the gift providers would need to add all preparations (print shops, manufacturers, etc.) that could reach to higher costs than the gift itself.



Therefore, even when the sending company wishes to keep things simple without branding the entire gift, without exception, companies do maintain the minimum standard by attaching a designed greeting card with the company logo to any present.


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Using The Service Of A Local Israeli Gift Provider



Please be aware that there is a considerable advantage in sending corporate gifts from inside Israel over shipping any gift from abroad to Israel.

Besides saving money on extra delivery charges by air delivery method, the receiver will pay additional tax fee issue on the gift that will be ship to Israel.

The sending company, who have business partners across Israel, can use the gift provider delivery services to ship their gifts to any Israeli city or town.



Delivery in most cases will take only a few days; it is the most comfortable way to do so, as the shipment will be travel to the partner address with less chance to be damaged (if the gift is packed safely of course).



Also, the main advantage of using a local delivery service from inside Israel is that there will be NO additional duty fee for the receiver!

As you probably already know, Israel as most of the other countries, have almost every brand trademarks.

 For example, fine whiskey as Johnnie Walker can also be found Israel.


Any alcohol that been sent from abroad, will be obligated to an additional customs fee, that the receiver will need to be charged for.




Getting A Quantity Discount For More Gifts



Ordering a single gift is not as placing an order for 100 gifts!

A respectful company will try to contact gift vendors to request an offer for corporate gift services in advance. By doing this action before, the sending company would provide the gift company in Israel, enough time to calculate costs more efficiently than if any other company as for an offer closer to the requested delivery date. Most of the Israeli gift providers will offer the sender a special discount since they might get a few percentages down from their suppliers if know in advance what to add more products to their shopping list.

The best option to send corporate presents to Israel is by contacting gift providers before the top season starts.



For example, Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) or even during December, when companies start placing orders with present Israeli vendors, better placing the orders two months in advance. Try to understand that during the top season, items and products start running out from any vendor stock. However, by placing an order in advance, the ordered items will be reserved for the sending company, regardless of what the following orders and gifts will contain.

In many cases, the Israeli gift company provider might offer an exceptional service to design a special gift according to the sending company budget and needs.



Better customer service and attractive prices you may find with local Israeli gift company, more than placing an order with international middleman websites that offer a service for international delivery. Those websites might save the company the hassle of putting multi-international location, but there are at least 20% differences than what an Israeli Gift Basket Company can offer you.

In addition, when you are placing an order with an Israeli vendor, keep in mind that many preparations need to be made in sending out gifts, together with the high demand during the high season, the chances for getting a discount rescued, as gifts start been sold out as the requested date is arriving.



Any company who wish to avoid been left behind with no corporate presents for their partners, need to start seeking for a gift provider earlier than others, especially when the sending company is interested in sending more than ten corporate gifts to their Israeli partners.



Another issue which can drop down the price for any bulk gift order to Israel is if the payment method will be money transfer via bank account instead of paying with a credit card. The reason lay at the credit card commission that Israeli vendor needs to spend on that transaction. If the company does trust the Israeli gift supplier, the company can offer to transfer a payment to their bank account and save few percentages on the entire amount that need to be paid, as in many cases 2%-5% discount can help a lot.


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 The Best Option For Corporate Gift Provider in Israel



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Is very important to use the service of a trusted business gift baskets service in Israel, where the tastes, design, and display, provide an unforgettable impression that will stay long after the gift will be delivered.

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Walwater Gifts provides gift baskets delivery all year, as cooperate, and business partners may experience an unforgettable gift.

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